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Blog: ​U.S. Navy Wants to Throw 70% of Its Internal Auditors Overboard
New CRMA® Exam Study Guide and Practice Questions Released
The Internal Audit Foundation Releases a New Book That Explores the Symbiotic Relationship Between Internal Audit and the Audit Committee
Blog: Why Do They Think Internal Auditors Are Looking for Problems?
Blog: ​It's Hard for Internal Auditors to "Follow the Risks" When There Is No Consensus
Blog: How Do You Answer, "What Do Internal Auditors Do?"
NEW! Internal Audit Foundation and Deloitte Report — “Moving Internal Audit Deeper Into the Digital Age: Part 3, Beyond Theory — Scaling Automation Capabilities in Internal Auditing.”
Blog: ​I Still Believe Internal Audit Shouldn't Report to the CFO
Announcement of the Slate for 2021–22 IIA Global Board of Directors
Internal Auditor Magazine Announces a Call for Bloggers
Blog: Using the New Global Risks Report to Be Risk Beacons in Our Organizations
Internal Auditor Magazine Introduces 3 New Blogs
Blog: Are Boards Negligent When Internal Audit Heads Are Hired and Fired?
IIA Launches New Assessment Tool for Boards and Audit Committees
U.S. Corporate Governance Gets a B- in 2020
Blog: ​From the Epicenter of Corporate Governance, Internal Auditors See Modest Improvement
Shared Success Is Hallmark of 2020 Efforts to Build Awareness
IIA Names Anthony Pugliese as New President & CEO
Blog: What the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report Means for Internal Audit
Meet Nausheen Ahmed: Set Expectations and Stand Out With CIA
Blog: 5 Internal Audit Resolutions for 2021
Call for 2021 IIA Awards Nominations
Blog: Top Headlines That Defined Internal Audit in 2020
Blog: 10 Internal Audit Thought Leaders of 2020
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Market Risk in Financial Institutions
Blog: What My 10 Most-read Blog Posts of 2020 Say About Internal Auditors
IIA Systems to Undergo Upgrade
NEW! Global Perspectives and Insights: The Three Lines Model – An Important Tool for the Success of Every Organization
Accounting Today Recognizes Richard Chambers as Top Influencer
IIA Calls On G20 Leadership To Strengthen Organizational Governance Guidance
Blog: The Talent Disruption Risk Looming in 2021
Blog: ​Is GE's Rotational Audit Announcement Good News or Bad?
Global Knowledge Brief from The IIA and Fastpath
Blog: ​Are We Ready to Move Beyond COVID-19 Risks?
3 Receive Recognition for High Scores
IIA Awards Showcase Distinguished Service
Register Now! Competency Framework Webinar
UPDATED The IIA’s CIA Learning System Is Built for Flexibility and Speed
Updated Program Offers New Route to Internal Audit Proficiency
Business Continuity and Cybersecurity Lead Risks in a COVID-Disrupted Year
Blog: ​New IIA Report Yields Valuable Clues on Risks for 2021
Blog: ​When Audit Committees Want to "Hear No Evil" From Internal Audit
NEW Issue of Tone at the Top — COVID-19 Lessons Learned and Thriving in the New Normal
Blog: ​Suspicious Internal Audit Deaths Demand Answers
IIA Urges U.S. Support in Investigation Of Auditors’ Deaths in Liberia
Blog: ​Internal Audit: Do Your Part and #BeCyberSmart
IIA Formally Launches New CEO Search
Blog: ​Europe's Internal Auditors Are Already Identifying the Risks for 2021
Internal Auditor Magazine Names 15 Emerging Leaders for 2020
Meet Zuhair Aluan: Keep Yourself Relevant or Risk Being Left Behind
IIA Unveils New Framework to Enhance Internal Audit Competencies
Blog: Internal Auditors: Be Trusting But Skeptical
Blindsided by Fraud: Skepticism Can Shine a Light
Internal Audit Foundation Launches Fall Fundraiser to Help Reach Year-end Goal
Bookstore Super Sale — Deals While Supplies Last!
Blog: We Are Here to Help You - This Time We (Really) Mean It
Global Knowledge Brief Goes Beyond Diversity and Inclusion
Blog: ​Internal Audit, COVID-19 Risks, and the Year Ahead
Blog: Curse of the Happy Workpapers
NEW! The IIA Certification Registry Now Available
International Conference 2020 Goes Entirely Online With Sessions Offered Live and Recorded in 16 Languages
NEW! IIA Bookstore Fall 2020 Catalog with Special Saving on Latest Releases
Nominations Are Now Open: 2021–22 IIA Volunteer Leadership Positions
Blog: When Lines to Internal Audit Fall Silent, It's Time to Reach Out
IIA-Certified Individuals Still Need to Report 2020 CPEs by 31 December
Global Knowledge Brief on COVID-19’s Initial Impact on Internal Audit Worldwide
NEW! Global Perspectives & Insights: From Conformance to Ambition: Applying the Internal Audit Ambition Model
Blog: Disruption Brings More Calls to Action for Internal Audit
NEW Issue of Tone at the Top — The Board’s Role in an Evolving Internal Audit Plan
Register Now! Three Lines Model Webinar
Blog: ​For Internal Audit, Success Boils Down to Five A's
NEW Issue of Tone at the Top — The Board’s Role in an Evolving Internal Audit Plan
Agile Auditing Executive Book Summary Available for Download
IIA Taps Korn Ferry for Global Search of New Leader
Blog: ​Strong and Effective Internal Audit Is Essential to Keeping Companies out of Trouble
NACD Honors IIA President & CEO Richard Chambers
Blog: 5 Things Internal Audit Must Tell the Audit Committee Now!
Global Knowledge Brief on How Organizations Globally Are Responding to COVID-19
The Internal Audit Foundation Releases a New Book to Help You Audit What Matters Most
Internal Auditor Magazine Wins Top Honors
Survey Says… Deeper Engagement by Internal Audit Benefits Fraud Risk Management
2019 Annual Report Now Available: Decade of Progress
Blog: ​Understanding the Roots in Internal Audit's Response to COVID-19
Longtime IIA CEO Richard Chambers Announces Plans to Step Down
IIA Announces 2020-21 Global Chair, Board
'Speed of Risk' Receives APEX Excellence Award
New COVID-19 Content Series: “A Blueprint to Managing Corporate Fraud During a Pandemic”
IIA Issues Important Update to Three Lines Model
Blog: New IIA Three Lines Model Offers Timely Evolution of a Trusted Tool
2020 Governance, Risk and Control Conference Now an Online Experience
Blog: ​COVID-19 Demands Audit Committee Effectiveness: 6 Recommendations
Organizations’ Audit Committees Must Rise To the Challenges of the ‘New Normal’
Blog: Persuading Internal Audit Clients Just Got Harder
Former IIA Global Chair Patty Miller Joins COSO Board
Blog: Documentary Puts a Human Face on Internal Auditing, Accounting
New Internal Audit Foundation Report Challenges Internal Auditor Functions to Be Value Drivers
Blog:​ Life With a Quarantined Auditor
The IIA Releases New Global Technology Audit Guide on IT Essentials for Internal Auditors
NEW Issue of Tone at the Top — ESG’s Role in Managing COVID-19 Impacts and Risks
The IIA’s Annual Business Meeting, 23 July 2020
Blog: What New IIA Survey Reveals About Pandemic's Impact and Year Ahead for Internal Audit
Call for Speakers: 2021 International Conference
COVID-19 Is Disrupting Everything – Even Career Plans
Blog: Reporting at the Speed of Risk: 4 Strategies for Success
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Conduct Risk
Roundtable Reveals Complexities for Audit Committees
A Message from IIA President Richard Chambers: Standing in Solidarity
Insights & Advice: Reporting Audit Risks in a High-risk Environment
New Team Leader’s Guide to Internal Audit Leadership Book Released
Blog: ​Independent Federal IGs Are Essential to Effectiveness and Integrity
Blog: ​Congratulations South Africa! Jenitha John Is a Great Choice for IRBA CEO
Return-to-workplace Risks: Is Internal Audit Stepping Up?
2020 International Conference Rescheduled
NEW! Internal Audit Foundation and Deloitte Report — “Moving Internal Audit Deeper Into the Digital Age, Part 2"
The IIA, The Internal Audit Foundation, and Wolters Kluwer Release “Evolving Cyber Risks in a COVID-19 World”
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide: Developing a Risk-based Internal Audit Plan
Global Knowledge Brief on Internal Audit in the COVID-19 Era
Blog: ​Returning to Workplaces Will Be Risky: Roll Up Your Sleeves, Internal Audit
Blog: Public Servants Are Vital to Defeating COVID-19
NEW! IIA Bulletin: Considerations for IT Disruptions
IIA Senior Vice Chair, Jenitha John, Appointed CEO of Regulatory Board
The Internal Audit Foundation, The IIA, and AuditBoard Release “COVID-19 and Internal Audit: Preparing for the New Normal in 2020 and Beyond”
Blog: ​Fraud Report Affirms Internal Audit's Value at Critical Time
IIA to Offer Remote, Online Testing For CIA, CRMA Certifications
Blog: ​COVID-19 Quick Poll: Internal Auditors Cope With Threats While Embracing Opportunities
NEW Issue of Tone at the Top — Keeping the Doors Open
The IIA Releases New Auditing Corporate Culture Book
Blog: ​COVID-19 Is No Black Swan — It's in Technicolor
IIA Releases New Global Perspectives and Insights Report
Blog: ​Are You Sheltering at Home in Color?
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “Remote Auditing for COVID-19 and Beyond”
Meet CIA Eric Greene: A CIA & Catalyst for Positive Change
Who Represents the Future of Internal Audit Leadership?
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “EHS Planning for COVID-19 and Beyond”
Blog: ​Initial Pandemic Responses Didn't Leverage Internal Audit
NEW! Internal Audit Foundation and Crowe Report, Privacy and Data Protection — Internal Audit’s Role in Establishing a Resilient Framework
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, Data Ethics – Where does internal audit fit?
Blog: ​Pandemic and Looming Recession Demand Internal Audit to Step Up
The IIA Announces New CCMS Launch
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Credit Risk Management
Blog: ​Coronavirus: Life and Death at the Speed of Risk
Blog: ​In the Face of the Coronavirus, Internal Auditors Must Do More Than Don Masks
Blog: A QAR Should Never Be Weaponized Against Internal Audit
IIA Co-founder Victor Brink to Be Inducted into Hall of Fame
Blog: ​10 Signs Trouble May Be Brewing for the CAE and Internal Audit
New Tone at the Top Explores the Current State of Data Governance and More…
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on IT Change Management
Blog: After 440 Blogs, There Is One Topic I Dread Most
IIA Bulletin: Disaster Preparedness
In Memoriam: 1995–96 IIA Global Chairman Bill Taylor
Blog: ​New NIST Privacy Framework: A Tailor-made Resource for Internal Audit
Announcement of the Slate for 2020–21 IIA Global Board of Directors
Blog: ​Are Assaults on Truth Hastening a Doomsday?
Chambers Discusses Corporate Governance Report on Bloomberg Radio
Blog: One Mistake Internal Audit Cannot Afford to Make in 2020
IIA Bulletin: Latest on Data Privacy Assessments and Audits
Blog: ​Five Internal Audit Resolutions for 2020 and Beyond
Meet CIA Janine Wolman: Persistence + Passion + Determination = Success