IIA Luxembourg Membership

In addition to the benefits of IIA membership, IIA Luxembourg members enjoy:

  1. ​Access to our conferences, training and seminars at a discounted price.
  2. Receive IIA Luxembourg newsletter and IIA Global 'Internal Auditor' magazine.
  3. reserved access to IIA Lux (containing a lot of valuable resources, a.o. IFACI's quarterly Revue "Audit et Contrôle Interne", ..) 
  4. ​​​Benefit from members' advantages on IFACI-France and IIA Belgium activities

Membership Application Form

To become a member of IIA Luxembourg, please fill out and submit the Membership Application Form.​ ​For more details please contact us (iialux@pt.lu) or phone: +352 26 27 09 04.

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Membership Means More

Benefits of IIA Membership

Membership in The IIA is a critical component of your overall strategy for career success. As a member, you will have access to a world of learning programs, information resources, and networking opportunities designed to improve your performance today and prepare you for greater responsibilities tomorrow. IIA members also receive complimentary online access to the latest issue of The IIA’s award-winning magazine, members-only rates for exam parts and registration and discounted Continuing Professional Education reporting fees, and discounts on IIA-hosted conferences, including the premiere annual International Conference.​