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Mid-year FlashbackMid-year Flashback

Take another look at some of the guidance already released by The IIA in 2019. “Assessing the Risk Management Process” will help you evaluate the effectiveness of risk management processes and strategies. Four implementation guides will help you translate Code of Ethics related principles — Integrity, Objectivity, Confidentiality, and Competency — into practical behavioral norms.

Re-examine these and other guides.

​​The IPPF

El MarcoThe International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) is the conceptual framework that organizes authoritative guidance promulgated by The IIA. A trustworthy, global, guidance-setting body, The IIA provides internal audit professionals worldwide with authoritative guidance organized in the IPPF as mandatory guidance and recommended guidance.​

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​​Internal Auditor​ Magazine

Internal Auditor MagazineInternal Auditor m​agazine shares timely, helpful — indispensable — information for professionals who want to keep pace with the diverse, dynamic field of internal auditing​.

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​Global Perspectiv​es and Insights

Global Perspectives and Insights Developed in response to a high demand for timely thought leadership that is powerful, timely, relevant, topical and responsive to global geopolitical and economic influences, The IIA created Global Perspectives and Insights. This new thought-leadership series, offers insight and direction on key issues, with perspectives that resonate globally.​ 

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​​​The IIA Bookstore

IIA Bookstore The IIA Bo​okstore offers hundreds of educational products that provide internal auditing practitioners with current information and guidance. All products are reviewed by internal auditors, for internal auditors — making the IIA Bookstore a one-stop shop for internal auditing practitioners and those with an interest in internal auditing.

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The IIA's Core Messaging

As COVID-19 tightened its grip on the world, The Institute of Internal Auditors postponed formal recognition of International Internal Audit Awareness Month. Under normal circumstances, May reminds us that we have much to be proud of. And, by spreading the word to others about the value of internal audit, we increase awareness of internal audit’s important contribution to organizations and the public.

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​​​​IIA Global Sm​artBrief

IIA Global SmartBrief IIA Global SmartBrief provides a monthly snapshot of worldwide news and issues affecting internal auditors and their stakeholders from leading global news sources. SmartBrief, a service that reviews thousands of news sources, delivers timely articles affecting the profession straight to your email inbox the third Tuesday of each month.

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The Global Advocacy Platform

The IIA's strategic plan includes a goal to raise the profile of and demand for internal audit and to ensure the profession is recognized as an indispensable resource by key stakeholders. One of the principle tools in accomplishing this goal is advocacy.

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​​​Tone at th​e Top​

Tone at the Top Tone at the Top is a bimonthly quick-read newsletter that provides executive management, boards of directors, and audit committees with concise information on establishing the appropriate tone at the top concerning governance-related topics such as ethics, risk management, and corporate culture.​

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Position Papers

Position Papers assist a wide range of interested parties, but are primarily designed to inform and educate internal audit stakeholders on issues of importance to The IIA and the profession. Their focus is generally related to significant governance, risk, or control issues, and delineating the associated roles and responsibilities of internal auditing.

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