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Blog: The Fallacy of Follow-up Audits
Blog: Internal Audit's Technology Challenge Is No Easy Road
Blog: Facebook Data Exposure Offers Critical Lesson for Internal Auditors
New Tone at the Top Highlights Ways Board Members Can Help Deliver All Pertinent Risk Information to the Board
New Internal Audit Student Profile: Caleb Braughton, The University of Texas at Dallas
Chambers Named to NACD Top 100 List
Position Paper Clarifies Internal Audit Roles In Fraud Prevention and Response
Blog: Every "Where Was Internal Audit" Moment Presents an Opportunity
Who Represents the Future of Internal Audit Leadership?
Blog: ​10 Emojis That Sum Up An Internal Auditor's Life
FINAL DAYS: CIA Application Fee Waiver
Blog: When You Spot Fraud, Don't Break the Eggs
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Assessing the Risk Management Process
New Report Weighs Internal Audit Responsibilities
New Books Provide Guidance for Modern Internal Audit Executives
Blog: ​The Journey for Internal Audit Holds Valuable Lessons
Internal Auditors Challenged to Innovate at ‘The Speed of Risk’
IIA Announces Distinguished Practitioners
2019 North American Pulse of Internal Audit Report Identifies Potential Misalignment in Corporate Risk Landscape
Blog: A Preview of the 2019 Pulse of Internal Audit Report
CIA Application Fee Waived in March
The IIA Releases New Implementation Guidance for Code of Ethics
Blog: Internal Auditors: What Is It You Do?
New Tone at the Top Discusses Blockchain Technology and its Enormous Potential to Transform How Businesses Operate
Sawyer’s 7th Edition Just Released
Internal Audit Foundation Issues RFP for Research on Defining and Measuring Internal Audit’s Value
New Internal Audit Student Profile: James Chotiyanonta, St. John’s University
Educators’ Symposium Call for Papers/Proposals Now Open
Meet CIA Mikhail Ben Rabah: It is Always Worth Going Through a Certification Process
Blog: Wells Fargo Further Empowers Internal Audit
Announcement of the Slate for 2019–20 IIA Global Board of Directors
IIA Sets Exposure Period for ‘Three Lines of Defense’ Update
Blog: Being the Bearer of Bad News Is Never Easy for Internal Audit
ET NOW interviews Chambers and Mouri
Blog: The Challenges to Internal Audit in a Zettabyte World
Longtime Audit Executive to Lead CAE Services
Blog: Internal Auditors: If You See Something, Say Something
New Internal Audit Student Profile: Timothy Englehart, Louisiana State University
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “Approaches to Upskilling for Internal Auditors”
Blog: ​8 Headlines That Defined 2018 for Internal Audit
Call for 2019 IIA Awards Nominations
Blog: "We Are Here to Help You": Managing Relationships When Management Is Skeptical
Blog: My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018: What They Say About Internal Auditors
Blog: If Internal Audit Is Not Making an Impact, Roll Up Your Sleeves
IIA Launches Global Review of ‘Three Lines of Defense’
Blog: When Executives Go Rogue — It's Too Late to Point Fingers
Blog: ​An Early Look at Internal Audit Priorities for 2019
Keynote Speaker Announced for 2019 International Conference
Blog: ​When the SEC Speaks About Cybersecurity, We'd All Better Listen
Blog: 5 Future Developments That Could Elevate Internal Audit's Stature
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Third-party Risk Management
Blog: ​Internal Auditors Must Live in a Shatterproof House
Blog: 7 Social Media Posts Internal Auditors Love
Blog: Fact or Myth: Internal Auditors Are All Accountants
DEADLINE EXTENDED: 2019–20 IIA Volunteer Leadership Nominations
Blog: The CEO's Brand: A Blessing or a Curse?
Internal Audit Foundation Releases South African Case Study on Integrated Reporting
Blog: Stakeholders Have Last Word on Whether Internal Audit Adds Value
Chambers Discusses World Trade, Other Topical Issues on Bloomberg Radio
Blog: When the Wheels Come Off an Internal Audit, the Culprit Is Usually Poor Planning
New Report Outlines Keys to Sound Governance
Blog: Is There Too Much Civility in the Boardroom?
Accounting Today Recognizes IIA President & CEO as a Top Influencer
Blog: Writing an Impactful Audit Report: 6 Tips for Being More Persuasive
Internal Audit Foundation Fall Fundraiser Announced, “Be Instrumental to the Future of YOUR Foundation”
Internal Audit Foundation Releases New Internal Audit Activity Research Report
Blog: ​​​Research: IIA Membership a "Powerful Catalyst for Change"
Blog: ​​6 Signals That Your Last Internal Audit Hit a Home Run
Just Days Left: CRMA Application Fee Waiver
IIA to Host Internal Auditing Education Partnership Exchange in Orlando
Blog: Are Companies Capitulating on Cybersecurity Risks?
Certification Spotlight: Meet Imran Zia, CIA, CRMA
Chambers Appears on CNBC Asia
Internal Auditor Magazine Wins 8 Awards at Florida Media Conference
IIA Releases New Global Technology Audit Guide on Insider Threat Programs
IIA Recognized at Top 100 Companies Celebration
IIA to Reposition Specialty Certifications, Offer Special CIA Challenge Exam
IIA’s Global Perspectives and Insights Highlights Need for Agility and Innovation
IIA Announces Application Fee Waiver for CRMA Designation
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, "Effective Workpapers: Learning the Basics"
Blog: How Smart Internal Auditors Ask Smart Questions
Bloomberg Interviews Chambers on Board Responsibility in Sexual Misconduct Cases
Chambers Named to 2018 NACD Directorship 100
Blog Beware of Auditing up the Wrong Tree
The IIA Awards Building Awareness Champions for Outstanding Participation in May
Blog: Five Red Flags Your Internal Audit Department Is Losing Stakeholder Support
Blog: What the Equifax Settlement Signals About the Importance of Internal Audit
Engineering Career Success
Blog: 5 Sure Signs You Are Well-suited for a Career in Internal Auditing
Blog: Internal Auditors Can Audit Anything — but Not Everything
Blog: Toolboxes for Building a Better Internal Auditor
IIA Enhances Governance Structure
Partner Webinar: Non-GAAP Measures — What Do They Say About Fraud Risk?
Blog: Internal Audit's Role in Picking up the Pieces
Blog: The Perils for Internal Audit of Donning a "Black Hat"
Meet CIA Andrea Muñoz: Letting Your Guard Down Is Not an Option
Call for Speakers: 2019 International Conference
Blog: ​Defining Moments in an Internal Audit Career
Just Days Left to Save up to $230 on CIA
New! CBOK Stakeholder Report: Auditing Strategic Risks: Practical Insights from Internal Audit Leaders
COSO and IIA Announce ERM Certificate
Chambers' Blog: ​Internal Audit Must Connect the Dots, Then Shine the Light
2017 Annual Report Now Available: Blueprint for the Future
Chairman’s Video Debuts
Blog: ​​C-Suite Owes More Than Simple Awareness of Internal Audit Reports
Internal Audit Foundation Releases New Anti-Bribery Report
IIA Recognizes 150,000th CIA Recipient As Growth in Internal Audit’s Certification Standard Soars
IIA Announces 2018–19 Global Board of Directors
Esther R. Sawyer Research Award Recipients Announced At IIA International Conference in Dubai
IIA Awards Showcase Professional Commitment, Best Writing
IIA’s 2018 International Conference in Dubai Covers Global Issues, Risks Affecting Business Worldwide
IIA’s Global Perspectives & Insights Highlights Top Risks Facing CAEs
Save up to $230 on CIA in May
New Guidance on Auditing Capital Adequacy
Internal Audit's Role in Fighting Bribery and Corruption
Internal Audit Foundation Releases New Artificial Intelligence Research Report
Blog: What Will Internal Audit's Future Leaders Look Like?
​CIA Application Fee Waived in May
The IIA Establishes a New Network in Vietnam
The IIA Establishes a New Network in Pakistan
Internal Audit Foundation Releases New IPPF Guide
Who Represents the Future of Internal Audit Leadership?
IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Grants
The IIA’s Annual Business Meeting, 9 May 2018
Blog: What Happens When Internal Audit Is Ignored? Ask Atlanta
Internal Audit Student Profile: Meet Woodrow Kavanagh, Kennesaw State University
Call for Nominations - 2018 James C. Ball Lifetime Achievement Award
Internal Auditor Magazine Recognizes Outstanding Student
Blog: Rotational CAEs: Agents of Change or Free Agents?
Data Analytics Strategy Vital to Internal Audit Effectiveness
IIA Releases New Model Risk Management Guidance
Blog: Four Urgent Keys to Transforming Internal Audit
Internal Audit’s Growing Engagement in Cyber Management
Internal Audit Student Profile: Meet Karolina Dlugosz, University of Pretoria
Blog: When It Comes to Supply Chain, Count Your Chickens
New Tone at the Top Tackles Crisis Resiliency
IIA Senior Vice Chair Naohiro Mouri Promoted to AIG Chief Auditor
Blog: Internal Auditors: More Than Cybersecurity Police
Certification Spotlight: Meet Jason Sookram, CIA: Full-time Internal Auditor, Part-time DJ
New Risk Assurance Guidance Released
New COSO ERM Framework “How To” Book Released
Blog: Internal Audit Must Speak Truth to Power
Internal Audit Student Profile: Meet Oscar J. Melendez, Louisiana State University
Blog: Truth Is, Fake News Has Always Been a Risk
New Practical Enterprise Risk Management Book Released
IIA’s 2018 International Conference in Dubai To Address Importance of Controls, Risk Management
Blog: Internal Audit Advocacy: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Former IIA Global Chair Paul Sobel to Lead COSO
IIA Releases Updated GTAG on IT Governance
Blog: When Good Accountants Go Bad, More Questions Are Raised Than Answered
Blog: ​Without Trust, There Is No Trusted Advisor
Internal Auditor Recognizes Outstanding Student
IIA Announces Key Updates to CIA Certification Exam
Blog: What Should Internal Auditors Do When the Empire Strikes Back?
​1980-81 Global Chairman David Dunbar Dies
Blog: Jail Time for VW Exec Offers Important Lessons on Risks and Compliance
New Report from IIA–Australia: Managing Culture – A Good Practice Guide
IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Liquidity Risk
Blog: ​Five Internal Audit Resolutions for 2018 and Beyond