Provide Your Perspectives on the IPPF - Survey Now Open

Dear IIA Lebanon Members,

Internal audit's mission to enhance and protect organizational value means more than ever in a world that grows increasingly complex. Internal auditors help their organizations confront the challenges of today and tomorrow by providing timely and objective assurance, advice, and insight, built upon a strong foundation — The IIA's International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF).

To ensure that the IPPF remains reliable and relevant to internal audit professionals and their stakeholders, the Internal Audit Foundation is seeking input and perspectives on internal audit practices, the current IPPF, and its accompanying International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards). The goal of this global review is to:

  • Assess internal audit practices at the internal audit activity and practitioner levels.
  • Understand the value and relevance of the IPPF and Standards toward ensuring internal audit effectiveness.
  • Ensure continued applicability and effectiveness of the IPPF and Standards.


Your feedback is important. I invite you to be part of the Internal Audit Foundation's Premier Research Study, Assessing Internal Audit Practices.
Please complete the survey by 31 August.
Best regards,

Charlie T. Wright,
CIA Chairman of the Global Board
The Institute of Internal Auditors

The Institute of Internal Auditors l Lebanon