Annual Internal Audit Forum 2017
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The Institute of Internal Auditors in Lebanon held the 2017 Annual Internal Audit Forum, under the title of "The Evolving Role of Internal Audit"


The Institute of Internal Auditors in Lebanon (IIA-Lebanon) held its 2017 Annual Internal Audit Forum, under the title of "The Evolving Role of Internal Audit" at the Hilton Metropolitan hotel, Beirut on May 10 & 11, 2017. This year guest of honor was Ms. Angela Witzani, Global Chairman of the Institute of Internal Auditors Board, with the presence of Mr. Georges Maarrawi representing HE Mr. Ali Hasan Khalil, Minister of Finance. Also present was Dr. Joseph Torbey, Chairman, Association of Banks in Lebanon and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Union of Arab Banks and Chairman & General Manager, Credit Libanais, HE Me. Ziad Baroud, Former Minister of Interior and Municipalities, in addition to Mr. Wissam Fattouh, Secretary General of Union of Arab Banks and of World Union of Arab Bankers. A welcome speech was presented by Mr. Fadi Abou-Abdallah, the President of IIA Lebanon.

The 2017 Annual Internal Audit Forum which is being held annually, is an occasion to share opinions and experiences about Internal Audit role and challenges. This role that was drastically transformed during the last 30 years, and which is still evolving until today.

The significance of this forum was to highlight on the importance of the Internal Audit to be always ready and that "Audit Never Sleeps". This forum shed light on the role of the internal audit as a critical pillar of the corporate governance and as one of the major catalysts for change and improvement. It also focused on the challenges that face the internal audit especially the technological risks in addition to discussing the distinctive relationship that should exist with the Compliance and the Risk Management, as well as the required and productive coordination with the External Audit.

The panels gathered notable Lebanese officials, eminent bankers, business persons, consultants, and academic leaders, as well as experienced guest speakers and panelists from the Middle East.

​The forum tackled the following topics, among others,  "Internal Audit & Corporate Governance", "Internal Audit in Non-Financial Institutions", "Internal Audit in the Public Sectors", "Optimizing the Relationship Internal Audit - External Audit", "Frontiers or Synergy: Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Management" as well as  "New Challenges of IT Audit".

The event was a successful one with the presence of around 85 participants from the Middle East and Africa. 

 2017 Annual Internal Audit Forum: The Evolving Role of Internal Audit

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