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Blog: ​Congratulations South Africa! Jenitha John Is a Great Choice for IRBA CEO
Return-to-workplace Risks: Is Internal Audit Stepping Up?
2020 International Conference Rescheduled
NEW! Internal Audit Foundation and Deloitte Report — “Moving Internal Audit Deeper Into the Digital Age, Part 2"
The IIA, The Internal Audit Foundation, and Wolters Kluwer Release “Evolving Cyber Risks in a COVID-19 World”
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide: Developing a Risk-based Internal Audit Plan
Global Knowledge Brief on Internal Audit in the COVID-19 Era
Blog: ​Returning to Workplaces Will Be Risky: Roll Up Your Sleeves, Internal Audit
Blog: Public Servants Are Vital to Defeating COVID-19
NEW! IIA Bulletin: Considerations for IT Disruptions
IIA Senior Vice Chair, Jenitha John, Appointed CEO of Regulatory Board
The Internal Audit Foundation, The IIA, and AuditBoard Release “COVID-19 and Internal Audit: Preparing for the New Normal in 2020 and Beyond”
Blog: ​Fraud Report Affirms Internal Audit's Value at Critical Time
IIA to Offer Remote, Online Testing For CIA, CRMA Certifications
Blog: ​COVID-19 Quick Poll: Internal Auditors Cope With Threats While Embracing Opportunities
NEW Issue of Tone at the Top — Keeping the Doors Open
The IIA Releases New Auditing Corporate Culture Book
Blog: ​COVID-19 Is No Black Swan — It's in Technicolor
IIA Releases New Global Perspectives and Insights Report
Blog: ​Are You Sheltering at Home in Color?
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “Remote Auditing for COVID-19 and Beyond”
Meet CIA Eric Greene: A CIA & Catalyst for Positive Change
Who Represents the Future of Internal Audit Leadership?
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “EHS Planning for COVID-19 and Beyond”
Blog: ​Initial Pandemic Responses Didn't Leverage Internal Audit
NEW! Internal Audit Foundation and Crowe Report, Privacy and Data Protection — Internal Audit’s Role in Establishing a Resilient Framework
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, Data Ethics – Where does internal audit fit?
Bookstore Super Sale — Deals While Supplies Last!
Blog: ​Pandemic and Looming Recession Demand Internal Audit to Step Up
The IIA Announces New CCMS Launch
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Credit Risk Management
Blog: ​Coronavirus: Life and Death at the Speed of Risk
Blog: ​In the Face of the Coronavirus, Internal Auditors Must Do More Than Don Masks
Blog: A QAR Should Never Be Weaponized Against Internal Audit
IIA Co-founder Victor Brink to Be Inducted into Hall of Fame
Blog: ​10 Signs Trouble May Be Brewing for the CAE and Internal Audit
New Tone at the Top Explores the Current State of Data Governance and More…
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on IT Change Management
Blog: After 440 Blogs, There Is One Topic I Dread Most
IIA Bulletin: Disaster Preparedness
In Memoriam: 1995–96 IIA Global Chairman Bill Taylor
Blog: ​New NIST Privacy Framework: A Tailor-made Resource for Internal Audit
Announcement of the Slate for 2020–21 IIA Global Board of Directors
Blog: ​Are Assaults on Truth Hastening a Doomsday?
Chambers Discusses Corporate Governance Report on Bloomberg Radio
Blog: One Mistake Internal Audit Cannot Afford to Make in 2020
IIA Bulletin: Latest on Data Privacy Assessments and Audits
Blog: ​Five Internal Audit Resolutions for 2020 and Beyond
Meet CIA Janine Wolman: Persistence + Passion + Determination = Success
Blog: ​Final Reflections on Internal Audit's Decade of Progress
Call for 2020 IIA Awards Nominations
Blog: 10 Internal Audit Thought Leaders of the Decade
Blog: ​From the Epicenter of Corporate Governance, Internal Audit Exposes Weaknesses
New Tone at the Top Explores How to Measure Effective Governance and More
U.S. Companies Miss Mark on Corporate Governance
Blog: My Top Internal Audit Blog Posts of 2019: Self-awareness and a Little Humor
New Social Media Auditing and Governance Global Knowledge Brief Released
Blog: ​10 Events That Defined the Past Decade for Internal Audit
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “Agile Internal Audit: Leading Practices From CAEs on the Journey to Becoming Agile”
Blog: IIA Takes a Principled View of Corporate Governance
New Position Paper Released: Internal Audit’s Role on Governing Bodies/Executive Committee Participation
IIA Announces CRMA, Internal Audit Practitioner Updates
Blog: Keeping an Eye on Culture Using New IIA Guidance
New Tone at the Top discusses how boards can assure they are aligned with other principal drivers of risk management — the C-suite and internal audit
Blog: Enforce or Enlighten? This Should Not Be a Dilemma for Internal Auditors
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Culture
IIA Releases New Global Perspectives and Insights Report
Educators’ Symposium Call for Papers/Proposals Deadline Extended
NEW! Internal Audit Foundation and Deloitte Report
Blog: ​The Road Ahead for Internal Audit: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2020s
Collaborative Work on ERM-ESG Alignment Earns UN ISAR Honors Promoting Sustainability
Blog: Internal Auditing and the Public Good
Meet CIA Jean-Pierre Rossouw: Being Certified Gives You a Distinct Advantage
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Unique Aspects of Internal Auditing in the Public Sector
Blog: When Boards Are Surprised, Who's at Fault?
Corporate Boards May Be Blind to Risks, According to IIA’s New OnRisk 2020 Survey
Blog: Groundbreaking IIA Report Could Reshape Views on Risk Management
Educators’ Symposium Call for Papers/Proposals Now Open
Blog: ​Ready or Not — Here Come the 2020s
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “Solving Key Challenges for the Smaller Audit Group”
Internal Auditor Magazine Spotlights 15 Emerging Leaders
Blog: ​Internal Auditors Must Stand Tall — But Know When to Walk
Blog: When It Comes to Internal Audit Principles — The Stand Must Be Complete
New Position Paper Released: The Internal Audit Charter
Nominations Now Open: 2020–21 IIA Volunteer Leadership Positions
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Demonstrating the Core Principles for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing
Blog: ​Internal Auditors Should Stand on Principles
IIA Appoints New Executive Director of IIA-Canada
Blog: 6 Risk Management Lessons I Learned From Hurricane Dorian
IIA-Certified Individuals Have Until 31 December to Report CPE Credits
Blog: Why Social Accountability Must Be on Internal Audit's Radar
New Tone at the Top Discusses the Increasing Speed of Change Impacting the Risk Management Process
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on the Foundations of Internal Auditing in Financial Services Firms
Blog: ​What Happens When Internal Audit Is Ignored? It Happens Too Often
Blog: ​Should Internal Auditors Worry About Digital Spies in Our Midst?
The IIA Awards Building Awareness Champions for Outstanding Participation
Blog: ​How Do You Know When It's Time to Go?
New Data Analysis and Sampling Guide Released
Blog: Are Companies Capitulating on Cybersecurity Risks?
Internal Audit Student Profile: Meet Anastasia Graves, The University of Texas at Austin
Final Days: CRMA Application Fee Waiver
Blog: Internal Audit Must Monitor Ethics in the Corner Office, Too
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, Data Analytics Mandate, Part 2
Internal Auditor Magazine Wins Top Honors for Writing, Website
Blog: ​When Culture Is the Culprit: Lessons From Toshiba, Hertz, and FIFA
Internal Audit Foundation and Crowe Release New Blockchain Report
Blog: ​Internal Audit May Work for the Wrong Individuals — But Not the Wrong "People"
Former IIA Chairmen Harrington and Tarling Recognized for Distinguished Service
IIA Honors 2007–08 Chairman Gerald Cox With Bishop Lifetime Achievement Award
IIA Announces Global Chairman and New Board for 2019–20
Chairman’s Video Debuts
2018 Annual Report Now Available: Disruption by Design
New Emerging Technologies Book Released
Blog: California's Earthquakes and Europe's Heat Wave: The Latest Gray Swans
Bentley University Student Wins Research Award
IIA’s New Global Perspectives and Insights Continues to Prep Practitioners for 5G Networks
Internal Audit Student Profile: Meet Reda Hasan, DePaul University
Blog: ​7 Characteristics of the Virtuous Internal Auditor
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “Data Analytics Mandate”
Blog: 7 Deadly Internal Audit Sins
IIA Sets Exposure Period For Proposed Updates to ‘Three Lines of Defense’
New Position Paper on Relationships of Trust Released
Blog: ​Writing an Impactful Audit Report: 6 Tips for Being More Persuasive
Blog: Why Tone Is So Important for Internal Auditors
Internal Audit Student Profile: Maryam Makinde, University of Pretoria
IIA Recognizes Top Score on CIA Exams
Blog: What Do They Think When the Internal Auditors Are Coming?
The IIA’s Annual Business Meeting, July 10, 2019
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, Innovative Approach to Audit Reports - A Better Way to Communicate Risk
Internal Auditors’ Response to Disruptive Innovation
Blog: The 5 Cs That Should Be Keeping Boards (and Auditors) Awake at Night
2019 Governance, Risk and Control Conference to Focus On Embracing Change, Disruption as Opportunities for Innovation
New Auditor’s Guide to Internal Auditing Book Released
Blog: Did the "Watchdog" Bark Too Much in Glendale, Ariz.?
Blog: To Be Good Leaders, Internal Auditors Must Also Follow
Blog: Internal Audit Awareness Month: More Than Just Talking the Talk
IIA's New Global Perspectives and Insights Preps Practitioners for 5G Networks
Internal Audit Student Profile: Meet Human Xavier Human, Seattle University
The IIA Tops 200,000 Members
Blog: Willful Subversion of Second Line of Defense Can Land You in Jail
An Innovative Event for Today’s Academics
Blog: The Fallacy of Follow-up Audits
Blog: Internal Audit's Technology Challenge Is No Easy Road
Blog: Facebook Data Exposure Offers Critical Lesson for Internal Auditors
New Tone at the Top Highlights Ways Board Members Can Help Deliver All Pertinent Risk Information to the Board
New Internal Audit Student Profile: Caleb Braughton, The University of Texas at Dallas
Chambers Named to NACD Top 100 List
Position Paper Clarifies Internal Audit Roles In Fraud Prevention and Response
Blog: Every "Where Was Internal Audit" Moment Presents an Opportunity
Who Represents the Future of Internal Audit Leadership?
Blog: ​10 Emojis That Sum Up An Internal Auditor's Life
FINAL DAYS: CIA Application Fee Waiver
Blog: When You Spot Fraud, Don't Break the Eggs
The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Assessing the Risk Management Process
New Report Weighs Internal Audit Responsibilities
New Books Provide Guidance for Modern Internal Audit Executives
Blog: ​The Journey for Internal Audit Holds Valuable Lessons
Internal Auditors Challenged to Innovate at ‘The Speed of Risk’
IIA Announces Distinguished Practitioners
2019 North American Pulse of Internal Audit Report Identifies Potential Misalignment in Corporate Risk Landscape
Blog: A Preview of the 2019 Pulse of Internal Audit Report
CIA Application Fee Waived in March
The IIA Releases New Implementation Guidance for Code of Ethics
Blog: Internal Auditors: What Is It You Do?
New Tone at the Top Discusses Blockchain Technology and its Enormous Potential to Transform How Businesses Operate
Sawyer’s 7th Edition Just Released
Internal Audit Foundation Issues RFP for Research on Defining and Measuring Internal Audit’s Value
New Internal Audit Student Profile: James Chotiyanonta, St. John’s University
Meet CIA Mikhail Ben Rabah: It is Always Worth Going Through a Certification Process
Blog: Wells Fargo Further Empowers Internal Audit
Announcement of the Slate for 2019–20 IIA Global Board of Directors
IIA Sets Exposure Period for ‘Three Lines of Defense’ Update
Blog: Being the Bearer of Bad News Is Never Easy for Internal Audit
ET NOW interviews Chambers and Mouri
Blog: The Challenges to Internal Audit in a Zettabyte World
Longtime Audit Executive to Lead CAE Services
Blog: Internal Auditors: If You See Something, Say Something
New Internal Audit Student Profile: Timothy Englehart, Louisiana State University
NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, “Approaches to Upskilling for Internal Auditors”
Blog: ​8 Headlines That Defined 2018 for Internal Audit
Call for 2019 IIA Awards Nominations